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Valerio Di Nicola (VDN) M.D, Ph.D., FRCS, is a Surgeon and Researcher currently working as Consultant in General, Emergency, and Lower GI Surgery at West Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust-Worthing Hospital BN112DH (UK); further, he is the Scientific Director of the Regenerative Surgery Unit (RSU), Villa Aurora Hospital-Foligno-Italy. VDN started his career in Regenerative Medicine research during the Ph.D. in Microsurgery (1994-1999) at the Policlinico Umberto I – “Sapienza” University of Rome.

The research was focused on Connective Tissue Regeneration following two main experimental directions: 1) MSCs (mesenchymal stem cells) derived from bone marrows, amniotic membranes, adipose tissue to be used for experimental transplant procedures; 2) activating resident MSCs through fractions of Nucleic Acids- Pdrn, HSPs (Heat Shock Proteins) in
combination with various Growth Factors (GFs). The second method was experimentally tested and later clinically used to treat Degenerative Osteoarthritis [OA] and a longitudinal trial was published in 2012.

From May 2013 to June 2015, VDN was the Scientific Director of the Interbion Foundation for Basic Biomedical Research. Montedato, CH-6595 Riazzino, Switzerland ( Over the years, VDN has dedicated his research on PRF and specifically to its components: hyperacute-serum and membrane. The development of this research has led to the innovative use of PRF as an autologous biological sealer for the prosthetic mesh in inguinal hernia repair. Preliminary results published on L-PRF- hernia repair procedure demonstrated a decrease in pain and shorter post-operative recovery time and, above all, a reduction of chronic inguinal pain (11% in literature). This complication is due to ‘entrapment nerve syndrome’ generated by the fixation of the mesh using stitches. Recently, the development of L-PRF and its applications in maxillofacial surgery has given rise to VDN for a new use in OA. Specifically, VDN subjected the L-PRF membrane to a thermic stress treatment to obtain a higher concentration of HSPs. The procedure called supercharged L-PRF procedure has been introduced into clinical practice for the treatment OA. Experience is still preliminary for a critical evaluation of the results.

Since the end of 2017 VDN has been working as a Surgeon and Researcher at the West Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – Worthing Hospital; BN112DH (UK). In the last years, he is developing a research-project on omental adipose stem cells (OASCs). This research led to a recent publication in Regenerative Therapy, the official journal of the Japanese Society of Regenerative Medicine. The first promising results of this study granted VDN to obtain the Leadership of Research and surgical Audit at West Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – Worthing Hospital in May 2020; BN112DH (UK). In July 2020, the Japanese Society of Regenerative Medicine published another important VDN study in the Regenerative Therapy journal. This article explores the role of Regenerative Surgery in the treatment of degenerative OA and the reversibility of the disease at the early stage. Furthermore, the study identified and mapped the joint residential MSCs as a target for regenerative treatments.  On 12/09/2020 VDN presented in Foligno “Hotel & Resort Le Colombare” the operational model for a Regenerative Surgery Unit (RSU).